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Funded Staff Grants

Since the founding of the Gresham Middle School Foundation in 2014, the GMSF has raised approximately $170,000 from our generous sponsors and from proceeds from our annual Silent Auction Gala each Spring. GMS Staff present grant applications for needed classroom items to our Board of Directors for approval each Fall.

2017 – 2018 Funded Staff Grants:

  • – Accelerated Reader Program Funding
  • – Bridging the Digital Divide: Provide hands on technology for student use in classrooms
  • – After School Tutoring Program funding
  • – PTSO funding
  • – Auditorium lighting and sound improvements
  • – Band instruments
  • – Apple TV’s for classroom use
  • – Typing Club license for online keyboarding
  • – Math Olympiad software – Infinite Geometry

2014 – 2017 Funded Staff Grants:

  • – Bridging the Digital Divide: Provide hands on technology for student use in classrooms
  • – The I’s Have It: Technology in athletics (utilized by gym classes and sports teams)
  • – Typing Club: Keyboarding software
  • – Technology for Health Literacy: Incorporating technology into health curriculum
  • – AppleTVs for classroom use
  • – Document projector for classroom use
  • – Gladiator Band Chair Replacements
  • – Staff professional development opportunities
  • – Jr. Scholastic magazine subscription – To Promote Literacy in the Content Area
  • – Typing Club
  • – Accelerated Reader Program & STAR Program: Software to support the school-wide Literacy Initiative
  • – Projection Boxes for faculty
  • – “Closing Achievement gaps through the use of Technology” – MacBook Pro and iPads for classroom use
  • – Scholastic Science World magazine subscription – To promote Literacy in the Content Area
  • – Choral Department – Technology needs
  • – Gladiator Math Olympiad Team
  • – Gladiator Band Chair Replacements
  • – iPad Minis for classroom use – Team 7A


I am so grateful for the funds to purchase a yearly subscription to the website “Typing Club”. This program allows me to monitor my students’ progress
through charts and reports. I am able to adjust for individual needs, both those who are soaring and those who need a little extra practice. I am also able
to see the amount of time spent on task and I like to reward students who have put forth a best effort.

The program provides students’ with helpful instructions to guide them through the levels every step of the way. They are provided with continuous feedback
on their progress and the program has recently added “badges” to award them for reaching certain milestones.

I have taught this class for three years and I have seen so much growth in my students! The sixth graders find learning how to type a little challenging,
but they soon find that they are capable of completing the program successfully. As 8th graders, I am able to see how much their hard work and practice
impacts their learning through their faster speeds and accurate typing. I feel that this will have a very positive impact on their learning as they go to high school
with the skills they need to type papers, reports, and notes.

–Cricket Prentiss, GMS Teacher

Thank you so much for the large television, iPad, and Apple TV. Because of this new technology, students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade health classes
are able to provide feedback for their classmates on assignments. I can now take a picture of student work and instantly stream it to the TV in the classroom
for students. The students are able to have meaningful dialogue in an effort to grow and help others grow as well.

–Ani Roma, GMS Teacher